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Web design and development with all the related services: Rock solid reliability, carefully crafted and secure foundations, blazing speed and modern design.

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Whether you’re a one person start-up in need of guidance and advice or a large business that’s already decided exactly what you need, we can deliver effortlessly usable websites with stunning visuals and a technical foundation to match.

The big question is: Are we the right web designer for you? We can’t answer that just yet, as we haven’t had a chat. We’re not trying to be everything to everyone but we can talk about the type and size of business that we’re ideally matched to.

Starting with the newest and smallest businesses, we can create cost‑effective, highly affordable websites and take care of your initial branding and design needs too if you want us to. We’ll provide you with good advice and help – recommending a site that delivers what you need to succeed rather than trying to make as much money as possible. We prefer fruitful, long-term relationships with our clients that are based on trust and good business sense.

For larger and more established businesses, we’ve got the technical ability and experience to deliver high-quality websites with enterprise features that have the capability to scale and grow along with, and drive, your successes. We can provide the vital tools to achieve your aims drawing from years of experience with a diverse and interesting client base.

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Be the master of
your own content

We know and use the popular platforms but it doesn’t stop there. From simple content management to complex data-driven apps, we’ve got your back.

Beyond largely static sites, you are in the realm of content management - you may want to blog, or just be able to alter the copy on your website, but you might have greater, more complex needs or other systems to interface with.

We’re not in the habit of throwing our preferred ‘solution’ at you and hoping that it all works properly, we’ll carefully consider your needs and suggest options that provide the right fit for your project; provide room to grow and crucially, systems that you or your staff can use and understand.

The code we write is elegant, unit-tested and maintainable - meaning that in the rare event you decide to move on, new developers will find it easier to get up‑to‑speed.

The productivity benefit of data-driven back‑office solutions or having a quick and effective means to update your site are tremendous, so come and talk to us about what we could build for you.

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Building for profit

B2B or B2C – We relish the opportunity to be part of an on-line success and know what it takes to launch a commerce project.

If you’re new to Internet commerce, we have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the often confusing world of payment gateways, merchant accounts and alternative payment providers. We’re used to working with several of the most popular commerce platforms (They’re popular for a reason) and can teach you how to keep your on-line shop up‑to‑date yourself, or do it for you.

Commerce doesn’t just mean selling products though, digital or otherwise. We’ve created many sites that transact in real‑time outside the concept of a shopping cart. You might be selling subscriptions or services for example. Sometimes, the ready‑made platforms suit, sometimes not. Talk to us and we can help you navigate the best tool and platform for your needs.

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Search Engines &
Digital Strategy

We can curate your on-line presence in partnership with you to meet specific goals and outcomes.

Search Engine Optimisation is all about working on your website to include key phrases and words to increase your rankings for specific terms - whilst we do this work for our clients, there’s also a host of other techniques and marketing tools you can use to raise awareness, increase traffic and optimise your conversion rates.

Direct email marketing, social media management, paid advertising (Google AdWords), off‑line marketing… We only provide all of these and other marketing services to our web design clients as part of a holistic approach to managing on-line business identity.

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Let’s make it beautiful

Stunning photography. Consistent, meaningful design and brand communication

We have access to some of the best photographers in Devon and our external graphic designers are second to none. Talent and insight make all the difference and your portrayal to the public is of paramount importance to you. Make sure it’s right the first time.

Whilst we don’t take on pure graphic design and photography projects in their own right we’ve built lasting realtionships with some of the top talent in and around Devon, so we’re always very happy to put you in touch directly with our contacts.

When we’re working on a complete project through print and digital, we don’t like to get between you and the expert so we operate a policy where you’re in direct contact with the person who does the work. Nothing gets lost in translation and you get the highest quality work.

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