I Am ~ Phibian

Local Watersportstuition hire and expertise

Phibian organise water sports events and provide training and safety services to athletes and the water sports industry. They also operate a retail shop on Exeter Quay that sells the best SUP and prone boards money can buy and a whole lot else.

This website is still a work in progress as it was more important to get the basics up on line as soon as possible than deliver a full-featured site at a later date, so you can expect a number of additions in future. We're working on adding more designs and pages for the core service offerings of the company along with event diaries, a full featured blogging platform and some of the finer details we usually add to our customer sites such as full-text search…


The initial release of the Phibian Website - a collective of the most experienced and inspirational water trainers, coaches and lifeguards

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