Our Open Source Projects

We open source quite a lot of the re-usable stuff we make. It feels good. If you’re just looking for us to develop a site for you, you likely won’t find this very interesting…

Prismic.io ZF2 Module

This is a pretty feature-full module that provides helpers and utilities for using the prismic.io content management API from a ZF2 MVC app/website. It’s pretty well tested but still in beta. Part of the test suite uses a live repository which is the foundation for a simple site documenting the module which will come when we’ve got a bit more time to dedicate to it.


ZF2 Mandrill Module

Provides quick integration of the Mandrill API into a ZF2 Project. At the moment, it only provides simple features for configuring and sending pre-configured message types but there are plans for continued development as we’re using Mandrill more often in client projects these days…


ZF2 Trip Advisor Module

As part of a Zend Framework 2 site, you can use this module to syndicate your property/accommodation reviews. We used this on the SilverSprings Serviced Apartments website with great success.


ZF2 Encryption Key Pair Module

The idea with this module is to provide a re-usable interface to manage encryption keys using passwords that your app would use to encrypt sensitive information to a database or other storage mechanism. It uses filters and helpers to encrypt and decrypt data and is pretty useful when you need something like that.


Mootool Port in PHP

A library class for PHP >= 5.3 that will tell you the phases of the moon on any given date/time along with other information such as the distance from the sun. We can't take credit for the planetary physics as this library class is a basic port of the Moon Tool C program written by John Walker. Though the license it's realeased under should be compatible...

We used this to make sure that the moon phases were plotted properly against tide times for the Exmouth Estuary on the Exmouth Marina website.


ZF2 Late Payment Calculator Module

This module for Zend Framework 2 provides services for retreiving and caching Bank of England Base Rates and calculating fees and interest due on late payment of commercial debts in the UK.

Both the Base Rate Service and the Late Payment Interest Calculator are available to use on this site.